Why you Need a Sit to Stand Desk Converter

Why you Need a Sit to Stand Desk Converter

You may have heard that sitting too much can kill you one time or another. Though it has not been discovered what the reason behind this is, the common notion is that sitting for long periods of time harbors, a myriad of negative health effects. In some recent research, the facts point to the adverse effects of something most people around the world regularly do without much thought of it.

What is A Standing Desk Converter?

Standing desk converters also referred to as desktop risers, are simply adjustable units that one can place on top of an existing desk and raise up and down to give yourself the option of standing or leaning at your desk while you work.

Standing desks are becoming popular and popular every day. The idea behind creating them was simple, to avert the negative effects that prolonged sitting has on the body. People who sit for long periods throughout the day are at risk of serious illnesses including and not limited to diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, leg pains, back pains and fatigue.

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Benefits of a Sit to Stand Desk Converter

A standing desk converter is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment’s that anybody working in an office should consider investing in. Here, are some of the reasons why they are quite beneficial.

1. Reduces cancer risk

Choosing to work while standing is a healthy way of living simply because you can avoid the negative side effects of prolonged sitting including cancer-related diseases including colon cancer.

2. Better posture and core strength

Standing is a good way of reducing eye strain and improving one’s posture. The simple act of standing while working will improve one’s body and core strength thus leading to a better posture.

3. Increases mortality

The biggest risk people face today is the risk of cardiovascular problems and diseases. This includes cancer’s obesity, heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes and more. By choosing to stand more often than sit, you lower your chances of suffering from any of these diseases thus increasing your mortality.

4. Improves productivity

Standing plays a great role in the brains cognitive function. Standing enhances one’s concentration, problem-solving skills plus memory retention thus one can be more productive.

5. Boosts mood and energy level

When you’re sitting and sedentary all day, it may take a while to jolt in action when the need arises. Standing, keeps blood flowing and the mind more alert. More so, it embellishes the general well-being of a person.

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What to Consider when Choosing a Standing Desk

Switching to a sit to stand desk does not necessarily mean you have to discard your current desk. You can either buy a whole unit or a small sit to stand converter to place on your current desk.

You should also consider height adjustability and the desk’s ergonomic design a strong and sturdy converter should always be the best option. Another major factor to look out for is the weight capacity of the converter and the amount of space you have in your workspace.

Final Thoughts

More and more people are being pulled into the ergonomics that is having a sit to stand desk converter. Standing desk converters have a myriad of benefits plus they are easy to use. To find the best sit to stand desk converter that will suit your needs, you need to do your homework right and read lots of customer reviews too. But with all said and done, choose the standing desk that is good for you and your workspace.…