The Electric Bike


The electric bike battery is lithium-based and can store a large amount of energy for the regular long journeys. With much care and attention, it is possible for these batteries to operate for the long-term without needing to invest in an expensive placement.

Maintain A Charge In The Lithium Battery

The best strategy to maintain the health of the lithium batteries is to keep it fully charged wherever possible. This even applies to recharging after a short journey that is only a matter of 1 or 2 miles. If the battery is left to fully discharge on a regular basis, its ability to hold a charge in the future is certain to be diminished. Whenever the battery is fully flattened, it is essential to charge as soon as practical.

Keep The Battery Clean And Dry

Even though these batteries are designed to accept a small amount of light rain, it is usually advisable to keep them clean and dry whenever possible. The actual contacts on the battery must be kept dry to avoid issues with corrosion or oxidation which in the long-term will weaken its power and efficiency. Checking the contacts on a monthly basis is practical. On seeing the first signs of corrosion, it is possible to use an emery cloth to give a proper clean.

Maintain The Cool Temperature Of The Battery

The battery cells are less efficient at holding its charge in environments that are hot. This means that in the hot weather the battery will start to lose its power at a faster rate. It has a downside of needing to recharge the battery at more regular intervals. The lithium power can extend the travel distance by a significant margin if kept and stored in cold conditions.

Store The Electric Bike In The Correct Manner

If you are planning to leave the electric bike inactive for several months, it is essential that it is stored in the correct manner. For the best results, it benefits to leave the battery with at least 80% charge which is useful for slowing the capacity in which the power is discharged. Try to store the bike in an environment that is relevantly cool and without direct sunlight. Additionally, for long-term storage, it benefits to give the battery a charge once every 5 to 10 weeks.

Proper care of the electric motorbike battery can make one get the best out of your bike.…